Roydtrip, find the best places to visit in Lebanon
Roydtrip, find the best places to visit in Lebanon

Hamat, Beautiful water & cliff jumps.

One of the best and clearest beach spots in Lebanon. It's great for cliff jumping, snorkeling, spear fishing, & free diving.


Hamat is in Northern Lebanon. It is known for the monastery of Our Lady of Nourieh.
It is not too known for its shorelines and swimming, as there's not much easy beach access. 
It's a generally rocky coast with crystal clear water.

It's a nice destination for a roadtrip due to the great picturesque coastline and great views, specially next to the seaside tunnel.


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What You Can Do

Hamat is a great place for sea activities with a lot of places worth diving at.
It has great spots for cliff jumping, snorkelling, free diving, and spearfishing.

The jumps vary anywhere from 2m to over 15m, so if you're an adnrenaline junkie, you will love this.

Besides swimming, the sea side road is great for nice bike rides and chilling with great views.


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What to Prepare

Snorkling kit & or at least goggles are a must to enjoy the pristine waters.
Highly recommended to get some water & snacks as there's no easy access to that.

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What to Eat

It's recommended to get water & some snacks, since getting in/out of this spot is not too practical, and the nearest market would be at least 45min away.

Some History

Hamat is a village in Lebanon. It is located 287 meters atop the historic cape of Theoprosopon. It is home to the historic shrine and monastery of Our Lady of Nourieh. The village is also home to Saint Elias Church, which overlooks the Jawz River, or the River of Walnuts and the ancient Phoenician coastal town of Batroun. The locals are Orthodox Christians.


Nearby Spots

Batroun is North about 15 minutes, and is a great place to go for food or to get a drink.
Byblos/Jbeil is South about 20 minutes, and is also a great place for food & drinks.

Both these areas are quite historical and full of ancient history.

Trip Overview
  • Trip profile
    Hiking, Cliff Jumping, Swimming, Snorkeling, Free diving, Spearfishing
  • Type
    Climbing/Bouldering, Cliff Jumping, Extreme, Nature/Eco-tourism, Diving, Hiking, Adventure, Swimming
  • Available Activities
    Hiking, Parkour, Biking, Sightseeing
  • Time to Arrive (from Beirut)
    1 hours
  • Adventure Duration
    5 hours
  • Difficulty (for a non-athlete)
  • How to Arrive
    Car, Bus

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