Roydtrip, find the best places to visit in Lebanon
Roydtrip, find the best places to visit in Lebanon

Aqoura, The famous water ponds.

Amazing views and water ponds, great for hikes & camps.


Aaqoura is notable for its splendid views and ancient remains. A cave chapel called Mar Boutros was adopted from a partly rock-cut pagan burial chamber in the Greco-Roman era. 

It is also known for its water ponds, and is an amazing place to enjoy a nice hike or camp.


What You Can Do

There are many hiking paths in Akoura, but it’s a must to hike Saydet el Habs cliffs which will give breathtaking panoramic views that will uncover the historic and natural regions of the village.

Al Rweis Cave

This is one of the coolest places to visit in Aaqoura and it’s the third largest cave in Lebanon

Aakoura river

Clear and clean water refreshing after a long day of hike, you should challenge yourself to dive in this cold river

Visiting old churches and a roman road

There is a lot of history around this town that you can explore.


Two kilometers south of Aaqoura, on the east side of the road, there is a natural bridge at the two entrances of the cavers' favorite Roueiss cave.

What to Prepare

Like most hikes, water & snacks are a must.

Some History

The carved stone Church of Saint Peter and Paul in Aaqoura is by far the oldest surviving church in Lebanon and one of the oldest in the world. It was converted in the 4th century from a tomb place to the priests of the temple of Ashtarout in Afqa to a church.

The village of Aaqoura is known for its famous mountain ranges that surround and protect it. These mountains provided refuge for the citizens of Aaqoura during various wars in Lebanon and the region.

Aqoura (also spelled Aaqoura, "Akoura") is a mountainous village in the Byblos District of Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. It is 68 kilometers north of Beirut. Aqoura has an average elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level and a total land area of around 140 square kilometers. Aqoura's inhabitants are Maronite Catholics.

Maronites emerged from Aaqoura in the fourth century when Saint Maroun's disciple Ibrahim El Korchy started preaching and converting pagans to the Christian faith in the Aaqoura area.

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