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Naqoura, Turquoise waters.

Naqoura is a town in southern Lebanon.
A trip to there is about 2 hours from Beirut, but it is worth it. The sea there is turquoise blue and one of the cleanest in Lebanon, specially in Al Bayyada.
The limestone nature of the rocks makes the water color amazing.

This area is not visited often because it is close to the border with Israel/Palestine and most people worry about the situation there, but it generally is a very calm area, that is not too crowded.

It's a great destination for a road trip. You can explore the picturesque coastal highway until you reach South Lebanon.


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Getting to Naqoura is easy, just check out the location on the map and drive there.
It's about 2 hours from Beirut.

Note: only Lebanese residents can enter there, and anyone without a Lebanese nationality will need to get a permission from Sidon (Mohammed Zgheib barracks).
You will not be allowed to pass through without an ID, so make sure to get all needed documents before.
(even foreigners with residency in Lebanon cannot go through without permission)

You can have lunch at "bira w jene7" ( which is a nice cool spot.
Alternatively, you can drive to Sour and eat at the many restaurants there.
We usually have lunch at "bira w jene7" and have dinner in Sour.

One of the best and clearest beach spots in Lebanon.
Trip Overview
  • Trip profile
    Swimming, Cliff Jumping, Caving, Snorkeling, Free diving, Spearfishing
  • Budget Required
    USD 20-30
  • Type
    Cliff Jumping, Extreme, Nature/Eco-tourism, Diving, Adventure, Swimming
  • Available Activities
    Hiking, Parkour, Biking, Sightseeing
  • Time to Arrive (from Beirut)
    2. hours
  • Adventure Duration
    3 hours
  • Difficulty (for a non-athlete)
  • How to Arrive
    Car, Bus

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