Roydtrip, find the best places to visit in Lebanon
Roydtrip, find the best places to visit in Lebanon

Arez Jej, Unspoiled forests & cliffs.

A great stroll through nature.


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Arez Jej is located in Ehmej, and is a great destination for some adventure, stunning views and to escape the city.
It is 1000 to 1450 meters above sea level.

Friendly people there adds to the charm of the town.

You will surly enjoy a hike there, seeing the majestic stature of old cedar trees, their eternal verdure and, when there is a light breeze, you will smell the odors all over.



What You Can Do

Arez Jej is mainly a hiking spot.

It is a generally intermediate difficulty.
It's a nice uphill walk that can start at Saint George church of Bkarta, Ehmej and continue straight to Ram
There's also the majestic cedar of Jaj that you can visit and where you can take epic pictures.

A more difficult trail would be a hike to ‘’Aarbet Marina’’; it turns right to go East crossing the wooded flanks of the rugged ‘’Jabal al-Mablous’’. Inspite of some downhill, the trail is mostly uphill, sometimes quite steep.
It arrives to a pass at Tarouaaj-Jamal that can be followed for a while until reaching a flat northern ridge where there's amazing panoramic views. You can reach all the way to "Houwet al-Biyada", where snow remains late.

Some History

Arz Jaj was declared by Minister of Agriculture Decision No 499 of 1996.
‘’Jaj’’ name’s is originally Phoenician, meaning the top, since Jaj is the most elevated town among all the surrounding villages.
Cedars of Jej may represent the first grove to be exploited by the ancients and exported to Egypt 5,000 or more years ago and for the construction of the temple of Jehovah in Jerusalem in the time of King Solomon, about 930 B.C.

Some of the oldest cedar trees are there. They are the remnants of the large forest of cedar trees that once covered the mountains. All the area is full of natural rock formations looking like Statues making it a unique place to hike in and some wonderful sinkholes are there.
Between old and majestic cedars, they hide under their branches a small Chapel, which an Arabic inscription dates to the 1860s. It's dedicated to the resurrection.


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    4 hours
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