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Sour, A beach of Endless sand.

Nothing beats a great day at the beach.
Enjoy this great huge beach which some would think is not in Lebanon, as most Lebanese beaches are usually narrow or through private resorts.



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? Vacation - Dirty Heads

You can get there by car or bus by taking the road Beyond Sidon southward, a new highway leads to the Litani River then an old road leads to Tyre. It is 80 kilometers from Beirut.

There are a lot of food options nearby, but some of our favorites are:

Le Phenicien: Fish and Sea Food, excellent cuisine, beer, wine liquors

Chop's diner: great place for burgers, wings, and other tasty fast food 

The biggest & cleanest sand beach in Lebanon. This place feels like another country and great to spend a day.
Trip Overview
  • Trip profile
    Swimming, Touring
  • Budget Required
    USD 0
  • Type
    Nature/Eco-tourism, Chill, Food, Swimming
  • Available Activities
    Hiking, Parkour, Biking, Sightseeing
  • Time to Arrive (from Beirut)
    2 hours
  • Adventure Duration
    5 hours
  • Difficulty (for a non-athlete)
  • How to Arrive
    Car, Bus

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