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Rocca Marine, High jumps & clean waters.

A great, yet underrated, beach resort in Chekka that offers an extremely clean sandy beach, as well as a pool, and some high trampolines.



Rocca Marine is one of the underrated beach resorts in Lebanon.
It is located in Chekka.

The water is crystal clear. There's a small nice sandy shore, with a floating deck in the middle of the water.
There's also another cool mid-water area with floating chairs.

In addition to that, there's 3 jumps, the highest being about 10m.
There's also a small water slide, a pool & bar along with a nice beach deck.

There's 2 entrances at only 15,000 LBP for the beach, or 20,000 LBP (~ $13 USD) including pool access (25,000 LBP on weekends).

If you haven't been there, it's a must go.
Make sure to take the sea-side road as there's an amazing view & tunnel as you head your way towards Jounieh/Beirut from Chekka.
(note that they don't always accept large groups of guys)

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