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Jezzine, A river to no end. A hike that will leave you breathless.

This hike is in the Jezzine district, and is along a hidden & untouched river bed. There are some old mills and an old abandoned fort along the way. 
The hike itself is through the river, literally walking within the river itself for hours. The water levels vary between knee and waist level.

The hike is very relaxing with all the water and nature sounds in the background for hours. You will feel like you were taken to another dimension and come back fully refreshed.

The location is about 20 minutes before arriving to Jezzine citycenter.


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To get to the general area, you take the highway south of Beirut and go to Saida. Turn inside at the Nejmeh roundabout and continue upwards towards Jezzine.

However, this hike spot is relatively unknown and fairly unreachable without the proper guidance.


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This area has many restaurant options. The Jezzine Cliff has several traditional restaurants serving local meats and products, while opening wonderful views of the valley below and the mountains further away. Taste the delicacies of Lebanon from the traditional regional delicacy of the mouneh region. The pride of the locals lies in locally grown products, regional specialties, and wines. in addition, you can find right above the famous Jezzine waterfalls, Al Chalouf is the best spot in Jezzine for great views and a tasty mezze. Alternatively, dine on succulent grilled meats and mezzes at Jannat Al Sanawbar, another popular restaurant in Jezzine.

An amazing hike on an almost never-ending river bed in Jezzine.
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