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Chabrouh Dam, One of the largest Dams in Lebanon.

The Faraya-Chabrouh Dam is a dam above the village of Faraya Lebanon, 40 kilometers northeast of Beirut that was inaugurated in 2007. and is one of the largest in Lebanon.
The dam has a height of 63 metres. The reservoir has a capacity of some 8 million cubic meters and is some 1300 metres in length.

The dam is located in rural Lebanon and is surrounded by farmland. Agricultural lands stretch far below the Faraya-Chabrouh Dam and the water is used from the reservoir to irrigate the lands, providing an essential resource to thousands of people in the villages below.


A visit there can be an easy sight-seeing trip, or a more exciting hiking adventure.

You can hike up the mountain range around the dam to see some really magnificent mountain views and to get a full overview of the dam.


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Enjoy majestic views and scenery along the dam as you hike up the mountain.
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