Roydtrip, find the best places to visit in Lebanon
Roydtrip, find the best places to visit in Lebanon

Chabrouh Dam, One of the largest Dams in Lebanon.

Enjoy majestic views and scenery along the dam as you hike up the mountain.


The Faraya-Chabrouh Dam is a dam above the village of Faraya Lebanon, 40 kilometers northeast of Beirut that was inaugurated in 2007. and is one of the largest in Lebanon.
The dam has a height of 63 metres. The reservoir has a capacity of some 8 million cubic meters and is some 1300 metres in length.

The dam is located in rural Lebanon and is surrounded by farmland. Agricultural lands stretch far below the Faraya-Chabrouh Dam and the water is used from the reservoir to irrigate the lands, providing an essential resource to thousands of people in the villages below.


A visit there can be an easy sight-seeing trip, or a more exciting hiking adventure.

You can hike up the mountain range around the dam to see some really magnificent mountain views and to get a full overview of the dam.


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What You Can Do

Some sight-seeing and hiking are the main activities you can do around the dam. 
You can also visit the nearby St. Charbel statue, which is said to be the biggest in Lebanon.

These can all be done in a single day, and all offer some magnicifent scenery and serenity.

Some History


Chabrouh dam is located on Wadi Chabrouh river in Faraya, about 40 km north-east of Beirut.

This project provides potable water during the summer for Kesrouan region (around 250,000 inhabitants).

The dam is a bituminous face rockfill dam (BFRD), with maximum height of 65m, crest length of 470m at 1618m above sea level and a volume of rockfill of 1,500,000 m3.  The construction of the dam was done in phases taking into consideration the fact that the site was covered with snow during at least 4 months of the year. The deviation of the water course was delayed in order to finish the deviation tunnel.

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