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Aamiq, Vast untouched wetlands

Vast wetlands that make you feel like you're in the Shire from Lord of the Rings!



This vast & untouched wetland in West Bekaa makes you feel like you're in the Shire (from Lord of the Rings) !

Aamiq is a private land, you need to pay 5$ to enter. It's very big and takes hours to go through.
You can either walk or hike it on foot. There are many trails there with very picturesque and unreal scenery.

They usually are open till around 4-5pm, so it is better to come early to make sure it's open.

Words cannot properly describe this place, so simply check out the video and photos!


Getting there is relatively easy,
once you arrive to Chtoura, you take a right and continue straight for about 10 mins driving through trees and endless flat lands till you reach the destination.

There's a restaurant facing the reserve "Tawlit Aamiq" that's on a small hill with a great view over the landscape.
The place serves some of the best local traditional food.

It usually is only open in spring/summer time and till 4pm, it is better to reserve before going there  (+9613004481).

An alternative very known place to go to is "Shams" restaurant in Anjar. Eventhough it's a 30 min drive, why not tour more since you're touring around!

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