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Mazraat l Daher, Hidden nature

Located in the Chouf region,
this area is all about nature.

Hike your way through relaxing areas and see some epic views.

There'a a small church located in the middle of the mountain, for anyone looking for a scenic small retreat and peace time,
this is a place one must visit.

Visit Mazraat l Daher in the Chouf. It's an all green area great for some calm hiking and walking. It has a church hidden in one of the mountains with great views!
Trip Overview
  • Trip profile
  • Budget Required
  • Type
  • Available Activities
    Hiking, Parkour, Biking, Sightseeing
  • Time to Arrive (from Beirut)
    2 hours
  • Adventure Duration
    3 hours
  • Difficulty (for a non-athlete)
  • How to Arrive

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