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Sour, Endless sand.

The biggest & cleanest sand beach in Lebanon. This place feels like another country is nothing less than great to spend a day.



Sour's long sandy beaches seem as if they're coming straight out of TV. It's like getting away to another country.
Sour (Tyre) as it has the biggest public sandy beach in Lebanon with clean water and countless beach restaurants.

It is very long & wide. The water is very clean.

There's over 50 restaurant spots & kiosks along the sandy beach.
One can easily rent out pedalos, jet skis, or other water fun activities.


Getting there is easy, simply drive all the way to Sour, pass downtown until you see a long beach on your right. There's a huge parking that you cannot miss.

After spending a day on the beach, head on the Sour boardwalk and enjoy the many restaurants & places there (I recommend you have dinner at Chops on the terrace, it has great food!).

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