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Mezyara, A spartan marathon!

Mezyara's Hannibal race was an epic marathon course filled with obstacles and adventure!



Puma Hannibal Race is an obstacle racing series with three different types of courses: the 6 or 8 KM Speed, 13 KM Endurance.
It is a course that will make you run, jump, crawl your way over/through a dozen or more obstacles and mud on the way to the finish line.

This edition was in Mezyara's nature scape running through forests and river paths.

Courses are designed to test your mental and emotional fitness and push you pass your limits.
The races are muddy, creative, and extreme.

They will exhaust you yet exhilarate you.

These are done several times each year.

The one here is the 6km Meziara run,
It is the most extreme of them.

If you are a thrill seeker and want to challenge yourself, do not miss it out the upcoming year.
The entrance fee is 30 USD.

You can find more details on 

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